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Exactly, mental health takes priority and let stimulus take care of the rest. 

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Interlocular to a call with Edward Ryan, MD
1. Nothing surprising will happen.2. It doesn't matter that we do not really understand the pathogenesis of COVID-19.3. Each new variant will be less virulent than the one before.

4. There will be no more drug resistant or vaccine escaping strains.

5. The blood-brain barrier will insulate neurons from infection via mucus.6. Long-haul is a myth.

7. Hyperinflammation?  What hyperinflammation?

8. Vascular microthrombosis?  What vascular microthrombosis?

9. Cytokine storm?  See #7.

10. Could spike protein fragments be superantigens?  Oh c'mon.

11.  Autoimmune conditions are a myth.

12. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
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