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Hi all,

Only a few responses came and I’m sure you’ve all read all of them.

I agree with You-Ning that corporations should not be allowed to become dominant over any market. A few years ago, a young woman named Lina Khan got the ball rolling on reviving anti-trust enforcement. These things take a while build up enough momentum and it will probably take a while to significantly curtail FB’s damaging propensities.

Yes, the profit motive is the motivating factor, but back to Adam Smith, we do not shun the profit motive per se, but rather corral the damaging effects.

Electrical devices will sometimes malfunction. In order to deal with this, we build the devices with fuses, and the circuits supplying them with breakers.

RJ, eliminating 230 might work in the long run, but getting the nuts-and-bolts of “holding them accountable to town square rules” would likely prove dicey since a NY town square may be very different from a TX one, and what might be a steep fine for you (let’s day $5K) would be enough to keep you from saying that Bill Gates eats babies, but it would not be enough to deter Elon Musk from saying that Bill Gates eats babies. So “devil is in the details” and all that.

Fortunately, we also have available another tool that costs noting, is simple and is immediate: boycott. I believe that a significant reduction in traffic, user base etc would pass the message that we are displeased and it would force good behavior faster and more effectively than the legislative process would.

In the movie “The Age of Innocence” somebody explains to Michelle Pfeiffer’s character that “Our legal system makes it easy, but our social system makes it difficult.” The issue that was not FB, but I think that the same answer would be effective here: if we talk amongst ourselves and decide that FB is a malign player in society, I believe that social encouragement to reduce / abandon the platform would quickly pay off in much better behavior than what we have now.

If any of you agree, I hereby encourage you to act on this (:-)


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> Happy New Year! and Best Wishes to everybody!
> I’m curious to know if the recent events have caused any members to re-evaluate their relationship with with Facebook, and, if yes, how?
> (I had made my views on FB known a long time back and so no need to rehash again.)
> Please reply either to me alone or to the group as a whole, whichever you prefer.
> Cheers,
> Gabe
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