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Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 8 22:26:32 EDT 2020

My thoughts on reopening are as follows:
Businesses and employers should try their best to protect their employees and customers. 

That being said, we need to operate on an individual level and know how to protect ourselves, so that we do not catch the virus or bring it to anyone else.
If the work environment becomes very risky, we could consider all other possible alternatives. On the other hand, if no one is showing up sick, everyone is wearing a facemask and is keeping social distance, all we need to do then is making sure our own face masks are properly fitted and functional.  We keep washing hands and restraint from touching the face.  
Shared equipments, utensils, surfaces, facilities should all be considered dirty. Wipe down is good but should not replace hand-washing after touching. 
Keep hydrated, get some sun, keep fit and keep the body nourished.  
That’s it. Sleep well and good luck. You may be one of those who shows no symptoms or who can recover quickly, in a couple of weeks. 
For those with pre-existing health issues or older age, you might want to arrange for working from home, avoid crowded indoor situations such as mass transit and air travel, if possible. 
I’m sure we’ve all been out for groceries at this point. So just keep up with the safety measures and we should be fine. 
Take care, everyone!  Meanwhile, keep well-groomed. 

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