[islandlabs] Interview: world King of car parts

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 13 14:29:45 EST 2020

A Taiwanese success story. 
His father was a lumberjack who died early in an accident. At 11/12 he had to worry about surviving and helping his 4 younger siblings because his mother was illiterate. Drove taxi at 18 plus attending school and part-timing at a phone councilor center.  
Manufacturing is all done by robots. QC is done by people. His employees can bring children and parents to work, as well as get free quality veggies from company. He skips night life to wake up at 3am to prepare for daily executive meetings.  This year he is starting a tech college with AI to seamlessly meet industrial needs. 
Future car will recognize owners by facial recognition for keyless entry. 
He never saw a car before he was 8 years old and was terrified by the horn.
A kind and visionary family man with sense of humor, diligence, and determination. 

Wish I knew how to put in English subtitles or voice-over.  

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