[islandlabs] Progress Report 5-1-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 11:02:58 EDT 2019

Yow-Ning’s quick attempt to engrave on red paper a Chinese design. 
The GF has two functions, cut or engrave. I wanted to cut a Chinese window art for the year of the pig so I found the design online. The GF did not allow the choice of cutting due to the file format being a PDF.  Which meant I had no other choice but to engrave. 
There is a visible fine line cross going through the design. That was probably due to the fact that I did not pay for the design. 
The free design software, Inkscape, was recommended to me to complete the change of file format or to produce my own design.  Will have try that.  Hats off to all freeware producers. 
I also found some glass coasters that could potentially be engraved. Thank you, Bill, for knowing it can be done and searching for information online.  Excitement is in the air. 
Tom delivered the fact that he and Mike are both going to be away on vacation for the last Wednesday of May and the first Wednesday of June. This means we will enjoy these two weeks’ General Meeting somewhere else. Please let us know if you have a good location available or potentially available. John is thinking State U Farmingdale or CSHL.  We could also look for other relavent meetings to attend together.  We’ll post the location/s online so please look for them before you show up. 
Clusters of people have gathered around the CNC machine for discussion and exchange of information.  So far, no visible activities were observed.  Is there a downloadable program that can be used to test all moving parts to be in working order?  There was a wooden board with the words “Island Labs” carved in it in Westbury, right James?
People who are psyched about the MF BOT should talk to Ryan. He brought a wheelchair motor to be the propeller of to-be-assembled legs. Like last year, the search is on for suitable batteries. 
May 19th, Sunday, is the picnic in Bethpage Park.  We’ll be outside in the park for quite a while. Last year, first arrivers had a pancake/fruits breakfast by Chef Jeff.  The grill was on all afternoon.  IL prepared drinks, chips, buns, and paper goods, etc..  What’s your must-have items for the picnic?
That’s all, Folks. Open your eyes and enjoy the Spring Flowers!
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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