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>From Charlie Pleckaitis

IEEE Chair Employment assistance Committee, LI Section

Check this company out they may be hiring soon.


Concept Dual-Mode Scramjet Engine

Innoveering LLC in Ronkonkoma to share a $10 million development contract of a dual-mode ramjet engine to apply power a hypersonic aircraft [5 times speed of sound]. Contract was awarded by the Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. The contract will be shared with Alliant Techsystems Operations a Northrop Grumman Corp unit based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

The contract calls for the companies to mature a preliminary dual-mode ramjet design & conduct testing at both locations [fiscal 2019 funds of $224,764]. A ramjet has no moving parts & directs air flowing at high speeds into an inlet & ignites it with small amounts of fuel. Ramjets must accelerate to high speeds, around Mach 3, & then can operate efficiently up to Mach 5. 


Co-founder Robert Bakos of Innoveering said that a turbine jet could be added to a dual-mode ramjet design allowing the craft to land on a conventional runway. The dual-mode engine can change its geometry to operate like a Scramjet by allowing supersonic airflow through its engine to reach Mach 5. Innoveering founded in 2012 now has 29 employees.  


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