[islandlabs] Westport Makerfaire!

R.J. Petrillo rjpetrillo at gmail.com
Wed May 1 10:42:52 EDT 2019

I had the pleasure of visiting the Westport Makerfaire this past weekend,
as well as participating in The Great Duck Project - in an attempt to break
the world record for largest 3d printed object. They used software to slice
the geometry into smaller LEGO-esque bricks, and crowdsourced the printing
of them worldwide! Parts came in from all over America, Europe, Asia, and

There was a lot of FPV and drone stuff from Sacred Heart's engineering
department and hobby robotics/drone clubs, a lot of STEM/STEAM vendors, a
pinewood derby style thing and a lot of other cool stuff on the one lawn.

There was a big focus on green and sustainability, which I appreciated.
People knitting with plastic bags & making grocery bags from old T-shirts.
There were some booths on homesteading - making seed bombs, backyard
chickens, and backyard beekeeping.

Evidently every food vendor was using compostable cornstarch based
plates/straws/cutlery and there were bins all over with folks to help sort
and use the proper bin for compost/recycle/incinerate.

All in all - had a wonderful time.

Here's an album on Google Photos of some photos we took - granted it is
mostly focused on the Duck, but still.


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