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gabe at bigapplehobbies.com gabe at bigapplehobbies.com
Fri Mar 15 21:58:33 EDT 2019

> What maker stuff have you done lately?
> -Bill

Hmmm ...
In the last couple of months (roughly since the start of the year) only a little actual making but a bunch of various repairs, many of them automotive:

I made ver 1.0 and 1.2 of a method to make gravlax (cold-cured salmon) in a vacuum bag (the same way composites are cured in a vacuum bag). The advantage is that the whole process takes 6 hours instead of 4 days, and that it’s easy to make multiple pieces w different spice mixes at the same time.

I swapped out the hood on one of my cars.

Preparing to replace a fender on same.

Worked out a method to make my light-up dinosaurs using wood commonly found in the area since cholla wood is not easy to come by around here.

Attempted (unsuccessfully) to repair wonky display on blood pressure monitor.

Repaired glass pendant necklace thingie for friend.

Rewired funky old light with sentimental significance for friend and modernized it by replacing incandescent bulb w LED.

Assisted friend who accidentally filled his windshield washer tank with radiator coolant (we used a vacuum pump to suck out the coolant).

Am in process for making aluminum hood release knobs for both of my Elements (a weak spot on that car).

Made a light-up, remote-control, HO scale church for a birthday present for my cousin who is a devotee of both the Catholic church as well of LED lights.

Made ver 1.0 of sliced dehydrated pears (good but needs more fiddling).

Found suitable material (I hope) to use as deck filler on my boat. Tools and materials are on hand and currently waiting for a few days of 55+ deg weather which is minimum install temp.

Replaced the factory seat covers on the drivers’ seats of both my Elements. Factory covers are very expensive and drivers’s side seats in junkyards were allready-ripped. Was able to adapt seat cover from pass seat to driver’s seat on both cars for super-cheap $50 and now looks “factory” and all is good.

Swapped out center consoles between the two Elements (long, boring story).

Assisted 2 plumbers to get my boiler functioning properly. There was a bit of a Rosetta Stone issue (missing documentation) and I will probably make 2 videos for YouTube to cover this.

I’m probably missing one or two things, but those are the ones that come to mind for now.


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