[islandlabs] Fw: Progress Report 3-13-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 15 13:39:11 EDT 2019

We had a record-breaking 4 newcomers this Wednesday, Joe, (another) John P, Dan, and Brent. Some saw the sign outside the Moose Lodge, some learned about it through the Moose Lodge SDLI (Swing Dance Long Island) connection. In any case, we reached a total of 12 people in one night, which was quite exciting for everyone.  Let’s hope they all had a good time and would like to become regulars. 
Amongst all the excitement and help from the new people, Joe and Brent, Bill finished the rigid part of the exhaust tubing above the ceiling so that next week we could test run the GlowForge. Liz will be expecting the pickup team next Wednesday from 5 pm.  Rich will drive the box and James will oversee the technical part of a safe transport. 
John worked hard on his self-assembled car horn project and managed to produce the double tone which signifies a proper car horn.  He is also talking to several people about the web server we need to host the IL home page. Thank you, John. 
Tom is partially on the project of transferring images from Android cell phones to the large computer screen. This will be very helpful for demonstration, vedio sharing, TV and/or movie streaming (and/or Karaoke?).  I wonder if people are willing to chip-in for a (?used) Apple TV?
Our farthest traveling attendee, Gabe, showed up with a big bagful of electronic parts (from a dead Honda?).  What will it take to give them a second life?  He confirmed the existence and availability of the Droid-bot platform if we want to reuse it for Maker Fair 2019.  Yow-Ning proposed a little-people-friendly stuffed animal format for the body.  Who wants to manage the IL-bot 2019 project?
This coding class bundle is reasonably priced and looks good from the cover. Does anyone want to try it and give an insider’s review?

Having 4 new comers in one night, Tom realized that we need introductory material for them to figure out what they are potentially getting into.  The PR Team put together a table showing the barebones.  If there are no strong and forceful objections, we can post it on the home page, and the MeetUp page, and the Facebook page, and the Facebook Group, and the Reddit page, and any other social media sites that people may go to check us out. There will be a hard copy for review and discussion.
That’s all, Folks. 
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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