[islandlabs] Google Exec Admits to Congress they are tracking you even if you opt-out and turn off location

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Um... no.
By that logic, we should never drive period because there are license plate readers at every red light camera that probably log your travels. .. and at booth-less toll systems. And toll systems that have booths. And on certain highways for seemingly no reason at all. And on police cars traveling on random highways/roads. And on those same police cars when they go trolling through certain neighborhoods looking for cars That aren't registered in those neighborhoods. And on "commercial" vehicles belonging to repo-men who may or may-not sell that data in bulk but certainly do look for your vehicle information in repossession databases.

Privacy is dead.
No matter how safe, responsible or lucky you are:
You leave a digital trail when you drive a registered vehicle, carry a phone or stay home and order a pizza.


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> By that logic we should also never drive on a two-way road because doing so means we are assuming responsibility of dying in head-on crashe because, when cars are on two-way roads, head-on crashes can happen and so it’s a matter of personal responsibility.
> What happens instead is that before being given a driver’s license, people are instructed about which side of the road to drive on, and told that if they do not obey the rules, they will be penalized in various ways, such that head-on crashes mostly do not happen.
> From the article:
> "It's not complicated," Hawley insisted. "What's complicated is that you don't allow consumers to stop your tracking of them. You tell them that you do. You would anticipate that they do — that the consumer would have a reasonable expectation based on what you've told them, that they're not being tracked — but in fact, you're still tracking them. You're still gathering the information and you're still using it."
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>> So a phone with gps services and IP can be used for location services and IP lookup...
>> .
>> If you don't like the services they provide don't carry the hardware.
>> It is always your choice.
>> ...
>> IP and DNS lookup is not unique and has been going on for decades. LMAO.
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>>> I thought the group might be interested in this:
>>> https://pjmedia.com/trending/google-tracks-you-even-when-location-is-turned-off-google-exec-finally-admits-to-congress/
>>> I haven't personally vetted the source - so I cannot speak to any bias, but the majority of the article is direct quotes from the hearing, and a link to a transcription and youtube of it as well - it mostly checks out in my opinion.
>>> -R.J.
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