[islandlabs] Progress Report 3-6-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 10:27:58 EST 2019

Photo:  Tom working on exhaust tubing for the GlowForge laser cutter
Rigid 4” exhaust tubings were pieced together to guide the smoke and fumes from the laser cutter to the powerful roof fan.  Multiple people put efforts into this endeavor some with hands and others with words. All tube sections and tube elbows came together nicely.  Next week when we have the rest of the necessary pieces, we will secure it in place, to be hooked up to the GlowForge. Meanwhile, we contacted Liz for the best possible time to pick up this important Maker Space equipment.  

An “Island Labs” FaceBook Group has been put up as well as an Island Labs Reddit page.  We had to venture into various different online platforms to figure out which one suited us best. Right now we have a whopping 3 (mutually exclusive) members in either one.  Please invite people to join and post if they enjoy such things.  
We need to find a host for our homepage on the http://www.  Free-of-charge is very enticing but having a nice homepage might be even more desirable in this day and age.  Most importantly, we could list all of our online presences on one page.  That way people can pick and choose their favorite.  Any thoughts or leads?
James was able to bring an old computer alive by inserting an old Apple II card.  He could potentially share this impressive maneuver on the FB Group if he so desires.  Or, any interested party can ask to join the FB Group and discuss with him there. 
Jim was able to replace a missing foot on his old MacBook. For $5, the replacement came with many screws and the right size screwdriver. Good job, Foxconn. 
We are waiting for Rich to email the instructions for necessary programs in the laptop, if not the full blown syllabus. 
Words came that other ML members are planning to take down the out-of-repair bar in the basement and install a large screen TV.  We thought it would be a good idea to lock our stuff in the storage room if the space will be shared.  This means we need to figure out how to put a lock on the doors. Due to the fact that our access is for Wednesday nights only, we feel the outfit of the space should remain basic and neutral to all possible users— i e, without large pieces of furnitures to define the space, hard to clean and/or easily damaged surfaces.
197 days or 28 Wednesday nights. 
>From last year’s experience, we managed much joy with a walkable robot for chasing curious little people and photo/video ops.  Let’s start putting together a cool-looking top if we can still reuse the remote base.  Audio aspect didn’t make it last year so that’s a potential area to improve on. 
That’s all, Folks.
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water 

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