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Starting a subreddit for island labs is trivial. I literally just did it:

While I am not personally fond of most social media, especially not FB nor
reddit due to censorship and content policies, I do think that the
subreddit format would be very good for us. It would allow a free form
posting of links/articles/videos and allow for collaborative discussion
beneath each post.

Members/users could also easily/freely post updates on their projects, and
ask/answer questions.

Hackaday.io is also a great space for tracking project progress and hosting
project updates/media. Easily submitted to our subreddit to try to keep the
discussion in one locale.


On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 12:27 PM gabe--- <gabe at bigapplehobbies.com> via List
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> (This is written / posted with full awareness that I am writing this a
> somewhat peripheral non-member.)
> Does anyone want me to start a Reddit page for IL or to host a public
> forum on my own website?  I can do it.
> My aim is to provide maximum usefulness / exposure for IL-members and
> IL-curious. I do not want to start a public platform war so if anybody has
> any comments I will be happy to discuss any concerns / issues via private
> email, text, phone etc.
> 1 - it seems to me that one of the purposes of a “social” platform would
> be to show cool things that IL is doing in order to attract new members.
> Having an FB group set to private defeats this important goal.
> 2 - Reddit is easy to work with, and has no demonstrated record of of
> undermining democracy, assisting murderous kleptocrats, etc, etc.
> 3 - if Reddit were to be found wanting for any reason, I will be happy to
> host an IL forum as part of my own website (bigapplehobbies.com).
> It is hosted by Volusion, which is huge and offers many, many features
> (forums) available, or we can select any other compatible forum software.
> 4 - IL is a small group. I don’t think it would be a good idea to create
> multiple sub-groups on different platforms and I would not wish for that to
> happen.
> 5 - I do not have a FB account and given their willful ignorance and
> general destructiveness that has been demonstrated over the last couple of
> years (and is still on-going), I will never get involved with them, even as
> a guest account with full privacy settings.
> (Simply *being* on FB raises their number of users, etc, etc, and I do not
> believe that (absent exigent circumstances) there is such a thing as an
> acceptable amount of excrement in a salad before I would refuse to eat said
> salad.)
> Gabe
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> > On Mar 4, 2019, at 9:48 AM, Yow-Ning Chang <yowning at yahoo.com> via List
> <list at lists.islandlabs.org> wrote:
> >
> > During the Government meeting on Saturday, we have decided to try yet
> another platform for communication due to:
> >
> > (1) the inefficiency of the email list for sharing vedios.
> > (2) the current “Island Labs” FaceBook PAGE lacks the flexibility for
> all members to post their contents.
> >
> > To be considerate for those who are more concerned with their privacy, I
> have kept this GROUP at the highest privacy setting. Only members can see
> who else is in the GROUP and only GROUP members can post and see the posts
> in it.  The level of privacy can be changed with admin previleges in the
> future, if we feel this is a good way to promote Island Labs.
> >
> > You will need a FB page to be invited. Those who prefer to remain
> private can create an alias, which can then be included in this GROUP.
> >
> > Right now only those who are my friends on FB are in the GROUP.  Let’s
> monitor it carefully.
> >
> > Thank you and have a nice National Grammars Day.
> >
> > Yow-Ning
> > Eat Natural and drink water
> >
> >
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