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Mon Mar 4 12:27:34 EST 2019

(This is written / posted with full awareness that I am writing this a somewhat peripheral non-member.) 

Does anyone want me to start a Reddit page for IL or to host a public forum on my own website?  I can do it.  

My aim is to provide maximum usefulness / exposure for IL-members and IL-curious. I do not want to start a public platform war so if anybody has any comments I will be happy to discuss any concerns / issues via private email, text, phone etc.

1 - it seems to me that one of the purposes of a “social” platform would be to show cool things that IL is doing in order to attract new members. Having an FB group set to private defeats this important goal.

2 - Reddit is easy to work with, and has no demonstrated record of of undermining democracy, assisting murderous kleptocrats, etc, etc.

3 - if Reddit were to be found wanting for any reason, I will be happy to host an IL forum as part of my own website (bigapplehobbies.com).

It is hosted by Volusion, which is huge and offers many, many features (forums) available, or we can select any other compatible forum software.

4 - IL is a small group. I don’t think it would be a good idea to create multiple sub-groups on different platforms and I would not wish for that to happen.

5 - I do not have a FB account and given their willful ignorance and general destructiveness that has been demonstrated over the last couple of years (and is still on-going), I will never get involved with them, even as a guest account with full privacy settings. 

(Simply *being* on FB raises their number of users, etc, etc, and I do not believe that (absent exigent circumstances) there is such a thing as an acceptable amount of excrement in a salad before I would refuse to eat said salad.)


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> On Mar 4, 2019, at 9:48 AM, Yow-Ning Chang <yowning at yahoo.com> via List <list at lists.islandlabs.org> wrote:
> During the Government meeting on Saturday, we have decided to try yet another platform for communication due to:
> (1) the inefficiency of the email list for sharing vedios. 
> (2) the current “Island Labs” FaceBook PAGE lacks the flexibility for all members to post their contents. 
> To be considerate for those who are more concerned with their privacy, I have kept this GROUP at the highest privacy setting. Only members can see who else is in the GROUP and only GROUP members can post and see the posts in it.  The level of privacy can be changed with admin previleges in the future, if we feel this is a good way to promote Island Labs. 
> You will need a FB page to be invited. Those who prefer to remain private can create an alias, which can then be included in this GROUP. 
> Right now only those who are my friends on FB are in the GROUP.  Let’s monitor it carefully. 
> Thank you and have a nice National Grammars Day. 
> Yow-Ning
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