[islandlabs] Progress Report 2-27-2019

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Fri Mar 1 09:53:34 EST 2019


Thanks to last week’s cancellation, the attendance was the highest we’ve seen so far this year— TEN!
The first timer was Steven from Hauppauge. He is an experienced woodworker.  He accessed our group activities and concluded that a table saw is not what we need. That was a valuable piece of input. 
Second timer, Hugh, the scientist from Swing Dance, is still figuring out where the beef is in our meetings and James explained that what we strive to provide is an environment, rather than in-your-face lecturing or any kind of services. 
Another newcomer, Patrick, turned out to be old acquaintance from MakerFair. He lives 4 minutes away and saw the billboard sign in the morning.  The cancellation proved to be awesomely productive.  We had to incorporate both of the folding tables to accommodate everyone and their stuff. 
Rich brought an handsome work bench and a tall computer rack to stand next to the metal storage cabinet.  The bench top is the designated spot for the absentee Glow Forge.  The metal cabinet is being filled up.  
In view of the space we now occupy, a monthly donation of $200 was made to the ML.  Suggested membership fee for IL is currently $40 per month for willing payers.  Payment method is entirely flexible and Rich is collecting.
The dates will be in September, the 21st and the 22nd.  The IL would like to have multiple people showing whatever they’ve managed to make and a ROBOT.  If we start early, may save some anxiety and/or forfeiture. 
The purchased and present aluminum dryer tubings were determined not for dryers, too weak, and a fire hazard.  It was also determined that we will keep them in storage so that we might find a use for them, such as robot arms— now we have 50 feet of potential robot arms in the rented storage space.  What was the purchasing price?
At this point, if you haven’t figured out what to download to your laptop to do the coding and compiling, you may not have enough motivation for this class— Rich will email out the information as he said a month ago. 
James demonstrated how an 8-bit computer can come alive, (ie, make colorful LED lights turn on and off) on a breadboard attached to a Trainer, when tiny colorful wires are attached to the right spots.  
That’s all, Folks!
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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