[islandlabs] Fw: Progress Report 1-30-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 12:55:47 EST 2019

I guess the Email List is up again.  The homemade all Natural soup is Corn Chowder today.  

Strong nerves was required to showed up on Wednesday.  On the way home, surface of the roads was white— a good indication that it wasn’t black ice.  Could be packed snow but without much tire marks. In any case, traction was good and driving was no problem.  

Bill went to the MicroCenter and found multiple useful items.  It is true that most projects require hardware.
On the softer side, Rich volunteered to teach C, C++, or other coding languages during our regular meeting. This idea was very well received.  Gabe and Corinne are both interested in learning.  We (or mostly Rich) could find out what’s best for the students.  Potentially, we could give Rich 30-40 minutes and see how it goes from there. 
We then spent some quality time figuring out how to best exhaust the smoke/fumes produced when using the Glow Forge.  The consensus is that we will use some four inch exhaust tubes going out the existing ventilation to the roof.  Machanical details will be worked out so that the exhaust does not come back down and that the heated air is not rushed out from the basement.  Ideas welcome. 
We might also make use of the not-inline air filter until we exhausts its lifespan— when it is assembled into a functioning state. 
We welcomed Kieth and Ilan, the father son pair on this extremely cold day.  Ilan is the president as well as one of three captains of the robotics team in Harbor Fields High School.  He is a future engineer while Kieth is in IT. Ilan would like to present the robot-in-the-making to us people in Island Labs during one of our regular meetings in February. Hopefully our members can contribute solid feedbacks before he takes the robot into competition in early March, being that they don’t really have any qualified supervisor other than a chemistry teacher.  Please be on the look out for his announcement on the list serve which Wednesday is most suitable for him and his team members.
The soup and bread situation seems to have worked its way in.  Some blueberries were very popular also. 
That’s all, Folks!
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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