[islandlabs] Progress Report 8-28-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 11:43:01 EDT 2019

Ryan explaining something to Bill while Rob and Matt duking it out at the Foosball table.  Tom, your leading position is soon to be challenged. 
Earlier in the evening we had interesting discussions ranging from Arab Spring to Einstein to chimneies to shooting fireworks under water. Fascinating stuff!  It’s great we can take part in preserving the art of in person conversation, especially between different age and gender groups.  Who has time to be brain-washed by mass media anyway. 

Heavy rain in the afternoon created a flood in the basement outside the bathrooms.  Fortunately the source of the problem was expertly identified and rectified by Mike and Gary before the crowd showed up— one gutter downflow came apart!  Bill and Brent confirmed the completion of the repair. 
By the end of the meeting, most of the floor dried out thanks to the blowing fan on high.  Without IL meeting in the basement on Wednesday night, the puddle would have over stayed its welcome. 
(A) For the VR games to be operable, we need a gaming grade computer.  What is the possibility and likelihood that IL puts one together, considering that it might also be used for the CNC and GlowForge?
(B) A Chess set might be a simple project to MAKE with all the expertise and tools in IL. A respectable set would have pieces at least 3” tall— and weighted, i.e., has a nice feel in the palm of the hand and not top-heavy. Beautiful and clever designs would be a bonus.  Shall we say that proposals are being reviewed?
(C) Most geeky-type lacks physical activity in their daily routines.  How about MAKING some SAFE exercise machine/s like weights, a stationeries bike, etc.?
Hope everyone enjoyed their Summer.  Let’s set some nice new goals to entice people to sink their teeth in.  For some reason I kept thinking an ice cream machine....  to MAKE something, we need ideas, material, tools, and elbow grease.  Teamwork being the backbone. 
That’s all, Folks!
Yow-NingEat Natural and Drink Water. 

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