[islandlabs] Progress Report 7-24-2019

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 2 15:28:15 EDT 2019

The 11th year Island Labs Celebration went very well with three invited speakers and much warm exchanges.  Notice the black and white decorations that John provided and put up with Rich’s help.  Bill provided frizzy raspberry drink with no added sugar and a personal pizza from the bar to share with everyone. 

Joe, an IL old timer, showed up with a key drive and presented the legendary weather balloon camera project that happened many years ago with slides from the lounge, impressively clear aerial shots, as well as a video recording of the lounge to take us back to the exciting event. Thank you, John, for putting it on the big screen with so everyone could enjoy it clearly.  Not forgetting James for the big screen and the homemade stand for it. 
Next, RetroGamers told us what they do at the Cradle of Aviation every year.  They put up 80’s and 90’s games over the weekend (August 10/11 this year) and sell $20/$40 tickets for it.  They work with a lot of volunteers.  Last year they reached over 4 thousand attendees!  Great family event for all. 
What perked up Island Labers’ ears was the airplane hangar space for electronic storage.  So far at the Moose Lodge, we are only storing the minimum required and most people are bringing their stuff back and forth each week.  This might be one of the reasons why we couldn’t start a group project?
Matt then talked about his weekly online talking show with invited guests.  He took advantage of the big screen and showed us his physical and online set up for this forum of tech ethics and policy(?).  Rob expressed interest in these topics.  Best wishes for future positive ripples for unassuming tech consumers.  Attached is a video of concurrent music making in China, US, and Canada.  Easy enough to fake, totally, but still. (Taken off due to size too big.)
He then also introduced Lilug, which meets once a month with invited speakers.  Historically, IL is a spin off from that organization.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lilug 

Yow-Ning self-propelled and pushed for her own selfish agenda of expanding the crafty and artistic side of IL to attract more different style of makers. Bill commented that, as is, IL is a good place for developing a business idea or prototype.  He gave an example of a successful anttena product.  We should absolutely emphasize this very functional aspect. 
Tom was very productive during the whole time.  He laser-engraved 4 more Moose Lodge slate coasters and computer app raffled 4 numbers to give them away. Congratulations to the happy winners, himself being one of them.  Too bad they weren’t Island Labs coasters. Maybe next year.  Thank you for your generosity, Tom. 
That’s all, Folks!  Enjoy the summer heat, it won’t last long.  
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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