[islandlabs] International buying opportunity

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Can you pick me up a the strongest GREEN laser pointer for under $20 USD.


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If you guys can find what you want online, give me the specific part number, or model number, or certain particular functionality, I could try to find the right item.  Usually personal use items will not be taxed like commercial items.  Therefore, I don't plan to buy anything in bulk

The advantage of me personally bringing with me is that some shipping costs will be eliminated.  If people want contacts, I also need to know what type of merchandise, etc., because there are just so many tiny stores one next to another.


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On Sunday, October 28, 2018, 9:55 AM, Bill Burns <bburns35 at protonmail.com> wrote:

This is an interesting offer.
But how do you know you'd be able to get things back without any issues?
..and how would we know what was available?
People would probably want parts that met a specific spec..
Or specific components/part_numbers.

Maybe the better approach would be for you to collect contacts (for the various markets) there and act as a facilitator/translator for future purchases?


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It is possible for me to visit the electronics district in Taipei, including the Guang Hua Digital Market, to shop for tools or supplies if anyone is interested to make specific inquiries.


For example, the TV Box was around $150.  The mini electric meter was $8. Lots of LED formats, breadboards, small wire clippers, soldering supplies, etc.  parts for robots? drones?  3D printing?  Laser forge?

I could also check prices for laptops, tablets, keyboards, wireless mouse, etc. The main building has six floor of little shops. Let me know soon through yowning at yahoo or texting to 631-512-0622<tel:631-512-0622>.


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