[islandlabs] Progress Report 10-10-2018

Yow-Ning Chang yowning at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 14:05:17 EDT 2018


Basement of Huntington Moose Lodge

(631 Pulaski Rd, Greenlawn)
Mostly this week we were digging deeper into the pros and cons regarding moving regular meetings to the basement of the Huntington Moose Lodge.  In the end we found enough interest to do a Test Meeting there next Wednesday (October 17th).  Meeting will be at 8 pm but door should be open by 7:30.  Tables and chairs will be available.  
Please show up for the Test Meeting with some ideas of how you want to use the space for accurate assessment of the location. 
Details are to be worked out but for now they are seeking is Moose Membership from male members. The fee for that is $70 a year.  
Thank you, Tom Adams, for inteoducing such an opportunity. 
GROUP PROGRAMMING Many members have expertise in various programming languages.  If more than one person can work on the same project, programming will be more efficient and productive. That's an area of group projects we might want to explore!
John encouraged me to put the Progress Reports in the IL email List.  I want to remind you that if you "Reply All" to the report, it might be posted on the List as well.  I don't mind anyone reading the Report but if you prefer to recieve email from the List, you should let me know so you will not get duplicated copies. 
Next Wednesday is a good time to check out for a bite to eat near the Lodge. There is Chinese and Pizza next to Greenlawn Farmers Market but we will miss the $10 pie.  Broadway North to Pulaski near LIRR has many shops too. 
Yow-Ning will be traveling and miss IL for three weeks starting the week after the Test Meeting.  There will be another Progress Report for the Test Meeting.  
That's all Folks!
Yow-NingEat Natural and drink water

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