[islandlabs] Lasering and CNC at Smoothie Saturday

Bill Burns bot779 at protonmail.com
Mon Feb 19 14:20:42 EST 2018

There was a lot food for Smoothie Saturday.
Jeff got us to Laser to banana peel.. and it came out looking OK.

It got a bit crowded. The food setup takes some space.
..and I was surprised how much people wanted to work w/ the laser and CNC machine.
Maybe this will become a regular thing?

The computer got moved over to the CNC machine.
Liz got one of her designs onto it and started messing with pyCAM.
Unfortunately, I wasn't much help re: how to use pyCAM.

She put an STL file onto the machine and got estimates of "days" to produce g-code and/or run g-code on the mill.
She started w/ a bitmap, so it's a 2d design.
Maybe converting to STL wasn't the way to go.
I mentioned to her that Fusion 360 might be an easier/better way to go. (yet another package that I'm not familiar with)

Also, she has this week off.
If you guys (Jim and James) would like to offer advice, I'm sure she'd welcome that.
A space has been cleared but the drivers, etc. still need to be connected.
If you'd like to arrange to meet her in the space, that would be even better.


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