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That is very well said,
I need to become an active member of this remarkable team, and always will
look forward to growing both personally and professionally with you all.
Here is to a phenomenal 2019.

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> [image: Inline image]
> Figure: 100 blinking lights for $2-- only in America.
> Winter time is for reflection on the past year and planning for the new,
> all while spending quality time with one's immediate family, whether
> friends or pets.
> ***We set up the new Glow Forge, ***Enjoyed Smoothy Night,
> ***Had fun with Pancakes,
> ***We had Hotdog tacos at the cozy Westbury space,
> ***We celebrated Jeff's birthday with authentic German food,
> ***We found a home for the GF off-site,
> ***We held a big Summer Picnic,
> ***We made a Droid Bot in the Bead Shop,
> ***We went to Brooklyn the Rooftop Party,
> ***We took part in the World Maker Faire
> ***We frequented the $10 Pizza,
> ***We celebrated friendship at the T-1 Party.
> As a social club, we have put in a lot of efforts to keep members feeling
> appreciated.
> WHAT ABOUT 2019?
> Depending on our members' aspiration and level of motivation, Island Labs
> can move forward and grow in many fronts.  As we start our meetings in
> the basement of the Moose Lodge, we will learn to collaborate and integrate
> with our new host, figure out the best quality  of the space and how best
> to use it, boost Moose Membership to secure their survival, sort out
> projects to engage newcomers young and old, establish membership fees to
> cover operational cost, screen equipment donations to maximize use and
> prevent clutering, last but not least, practice a tolerant and inclusive
> mindset.  It is easier if the focus is on making stuff.
> We need to have an idea first about where we want to be and what we want
> to achieve. Some people call it having a dream. There is no doubt that we
> know how to relax and keep ourselves amused.  Maybe that alone is a great
> achievement in today's confusion and self-imposed stress.  Many are
> constantly figuring out what to/not to eat/drink, for example.  There
> definitely  isn't much to build on from that point of view, physical needs
> being the first to satisfy before all others.
> On the bright side, we have managed the first 10 years, what's another 10?!
> That's all, Folks!
> Yow-Ning
> Eat Natural and drink water.
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