[islandlabs] Wednesday meeting a Farmingdale

Bill Burns bot779 at protonmail.com
Mon Apr 9 06:51:25 EDT 2018

Hey everyone:

This Wednesday we're not meeting in the usual space.. We're meeting at Farmingdale.

For those of us who like to visit the space to work on the Glowforge:
Any keyholder can do that at any time.
..or you could arrange with a keyholder to meet you there.

Here are a few notes about laser cutting:
1) the cut pieces can put a smell into the air.
There are bags in the space. If you're going to leave cut pieces behind, please put them into the bags.

2) please leave a window open while you're cutting.
It could be a little cold but that (for the moment) will make things work more smoothly for us.

3) If it's not threatening to rain:
Go ahead and leave the window open when you leave.
This will give Dave the task of closing the window, which he seems to enjoy.

At the last meeting, we talked about our site at meetup.com
Somehow (inexplicably, to me) meetup seems to have a lot of support within our group.

This, despite the fact that when I search for "inventors" within 5 miles of Farmingdale, the "inventors" meeting I linked above (that we're visiting this Wednesday) does not come up in that search.

When I click on meetup's home-page link for "Tech":
(25 miles of centereach) L.I. Makerspace is the first group to show up.
Island Labs does not show up at all.

If I click on meetup's link for "learning":
Island Labs *eventually* shows up.
If I change the search to "within 5 miles of westbury" we're *still* not at the top of that list. (of 3 items)

This, despite the tweaking to whatever keywords are associated with our group that I assume John and Jeff have been doing.

See you guys in Farmingdale this Wednesday.


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