[islandlabs] 'Corporation meeting and Ice Cream

Bill Burns bot779 at protonmail.com
Sat Apr 7 10:29:57 EDT 2018


we're looking to have our monthly 'corporation meeting today and combine it with an ice cream party.

All are welcome.
we will meet saturday (today) at 5:00pm.

I will be bringing:
paper bowls
vanilla ice cream
an ice cream scoop
a blender

The snicker-shake experience will be making an appearance.

Rich wants to make sundays.
To make that possible, I suggest people bring toppings.
..and flavors.
If someone could bring a cooler, that would be good.

Other items:
Things have been worked out w/ Dave.
More details on that at the meeting.

Construction on on the space continues. Hopefully that doesn't get in our way too much.

Our regular Wednesday meeting will be held on Farmingdale campus this week.
Check the Meetup for details.

See you you guys tonight.


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