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Ephraim Hernandez ejhern at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 21:11:08 EDT 2017

Hey guys... I have been off grid for a bit.
My exodus from LI was not so smooth.
Within a day I blew my transmission in the mountains. I learned that my
phone carrier stinks anywhere outside of civilization. Now on verizon with
a new phone. I just got the van back this week.
Within a week of me splitting my chromebook OS and the Linux crouton
stopped working. I need to send the Pixel back to google still so only
working with a phone... so annoying.
Within 2 weeks of my exodus I ended up in the VA hospital for a few weeks
while they tried to assist with a condition I was experiencing. I have had
my Gaul bladder removed....my first permanently missing part...yippee??? I
finally have a few down days post recovery.
I am competing this weekend in old forge and need to stay local to this VA
for a bit for follow up tests etc... since I can't leave the NE for the
summer I hope to be back on the island sooner than anticipated for some
beach and fun.

On a good note, I expanded the power in my van to include solar. It's way
cool and performs as designed. Plenty of a.c. or dc  power for the RV
fridge, lights and accessories. I will put a video short up on the
web/island labs fb site.

Wed evening crew. Stay grooving. When I hit the island I will be popping in
for the evening for sure.


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For those of you who were wondering what happened to last week's email:
I didn't send one.

Over the weekend, we made a few attempts to get the CNC machine going, blew
up some motor controllers, put together another set of controllers, but
haven't determined if this is the right set of controllers to use.
Jim wrote some sample 'C' code to test the new controller setup.
A Commodore PET was tested and found to be not working.
..and the vintage oscilloscope used for that testing blew itself up in
dramatic fashion and then got repaired.
Some vintage commodore parts got tested too...

Last Tuesday, LILUG.org had a good meeting on SE-LINUX.
Island Labs had a good meeting, as usual.

*This* week:
Tuesday (today) we're meeting at the Panera Bread on Rt 110 for SI-SIG at
Wednesday (as usual) we'll meet at 251 Post Ave in Westbury for Island Labs
at 8:00pm.

See you at the meetings.


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