[islandlabs] Meeting this Wednesday at 8:00pm

Bill Burns bburns35 at protonmail.com
Tue Dec 26 20:11:29 EST 2017

My schedule has been re-arranged so I won't have any trouble opening the doors by 8:00pm this Wednesday.

i noticed two Meetup members signed up for this Wednesday. Hopefully we'll see some result from that.


You saw the latest spaceX launch? How close to the launch site were you?
I haven't found any video of the first stage landing yet.
(Maybe because it was at night?)
did you see the interference patterns between the wakes of the first stage and second stage?

is glowforge still on track for their delivery schedule?

See everyone at the meeting.
(251 post ave; westbury, NY. As usual)


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> I was lucky enough to catch this event with the camera
> Thought you all might enjoy it
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