[islandlabs] Tuesday LILUG; Wednesday Island Labs; Thursday Nassau ARES

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Mon Mar 7 16:48:59 EST 2016

Here are the meetings for this week:

Tuesday, those interested in Linux will join us for the LILUG.org meeting at 8:00pm on CSHL's Woodbury campus.
Wednesday, Island Labs will meet in Mineola at 8:00pm.
Thursday, those interested in disaster communications will join us at the ARES meeting in Mineola.

At the Island Labs meeting, we'll take a look at the stuff in the radio room w/ an eye towards being able to get everything off of the floor so that the carpets can be changed.

..and we'll review the old Doppler Radio Direction Finding project.
..and we'll take an inventory of what quadcopter parts we have on hand.

A friend of mine is building a Prusa 3D printer.
I've got some issues w/ the ease-of-assembly of the Z-Axis.
We can talk about that if there's any interest.

there was a lot going on:

Oleg assembled a low-cost hexacopter airframe.

Rich was working on an ADSB Antenna project.

We agreed to co-locate our meeting w/ the SolidWorks User Group on the 23rd.

We had some really good conversations w/ Paul about his U-Make makerspace, his ideas about sustainable makerspaces and what makes for a successful makerspace.

We made note of the fact that the "component pile" was already removed from the radio room. (having found a better home)

Finally, we found a little time (not nearly enough) to talk to Stephen about his boat designs and building plans.


How do you fix your snapped mast when you're stranded at sea?
These guys lost their entire mast, then dragged it back aboard and jury-rigged a way to get home.

Some guy figured out how to get a surfboard to fly over the water.

Similarly, there's a retrofit to get a boat to fly:

and... There's a new GhostBusters movie on the horizon:

See you at the meetings.

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