[islandlabs] Urethane Casting

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Thu Jun 30 23:04:21 EDT 2016

I don' think Stephen's part is tubular but if it was, would it be castable this way?
Also... it needs to be printed first.

If you just want to cast *something* why don't you cast an owl?
(or some other test print you've done)

Do you want to cast a random boat part?
I could provide a traveler eye.
(like this one)

If you want something more challenging (and articulated) how about a CAM cleat?
I don't have one of these on-hand but could buy one.

I also have a "clam" cleat, kinda' like this one:

All of these boat parts have holes in them.
I'm not sure they'd be good/easy for casting.


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wow I have plastic cups just like those!  And some currogated plastic.  And a hot glue gun.  And I might even have tongue depressors.  We can do this!!
correction from earlier, I got 2 flavors of 2-part *silicone*.  I also got some white 2-part pourable plastic which is probably urethane.

I'm not sure what to mold.  I have no 3d printer parts that I'm ready to go into production with.  Does anyone haz something to cast?  Maybe Stephen's adapter will be ready.


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I'm BCC:ing Steve just in case he's not on the mailing list.

What's the meeting topic? Polyurethane casting?
Can we do that next week?

Otherwise, our topic may end up being how much "meetup" doesn't work for drumming up membership.

Mold and cast an action figure:

Making epoxy molds for injection molding

DIY hand press for injection molding :

low-end benchtop injectors:

Top 10 Dev Boards Under 10 Dollars  from Arrow Electronics (arrow.com)

Making plastic rope out of a plastic bottle.

Small 3D printer w/ telescoping Z-Axis


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