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Hey James,
I am looking to do a 3d printer build, I have a whole RAMPS kit and a makerspace - style lab (other 3d printers, laser cutter, and CNC router).  I have been leaning towards a Cartesian build (like the Solidoodle2 ' s that I currently have) but I am somewhat open to a delta-bot.
I could use a bit of guidance and maybe a little hands-on from someone more knowledgeable.   I can pay or trade off lab time, whichever is good for you.   I'm big on barter though.
Please let me know what you think...

Paul PosnerThinkAV /  LiTime Clocks   /  µMake Labs516-978-4442

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Ephraim- I think we got away with murder, in terms of talking about polarizing issues and risking the potential alienation of our "classmates".  For me, it was a lot of fun, but I don't think we can always count on everyone else to accept the weekly tech/making/radio/computing/hobby/boats etc. meeting snowballing into passioned political debate.

I come to IL for company and good cheer.  I'm glad we are all able to talk without turning sour on each other, but like RJ, I'd like to risk it as little as possible.  I like you all and I don't want that to change.
I don't want for it to become taboo, where people are afraid to speak their mind. (Agreeing with Chris on this.)  But I think maybe we are all allowing it to slip in abundantly because of the stunning events in this year's political arena ("The Gamesters of Triskelion" comes to mind, as well as "Bread and Circuses").  I think the biggest problem is if we take it for granted and allow Island Labs to become Island Labs Political Discussion Group.  If every week is like that for extended time, I think we might find an unexplained attendance drop.  So, I mean, everything in moderation, I think that applies here (echoing what others have said).

Chris I think I agree with what you're saying about if we are going to be blabbing about it it might as well not be aimless.  That's a big thing for me, and I have sought throughout my life to stop spewing rhetoric, because I don't want to become one of the hypocrites.  But I think we have a situation that just kinda snowballed, which is the political equivalent of "Hey how 'bout those Mets".  Talking about sports doesn't mean we have to go to games or raise money for some sports cause.  I think it just seemed that way because of the "Why you make that sound" phenomenon... I make a sound and say "the edges of this print are sharp" and the discussion snowballed into a lot of stuff when I really wasn't concerned, CAD, OpenSCAD, fractals, etc., which is fun.  But people around me drawing the conclusion that this is a pressing issue for me, is an artifact of our gathering format.

If I decided to do something real about politics, it would be at the expense of everything else I do, and I think that's a common problem.  Already, the election season is forcing me to watch tons of youtube videos that I don't want to, taking precious time away from building 3D printers.  There's virtually nothing I can do to stop it.  Just imagine how many 3d printers I wouldn't build if I was to actually become politically active.  That's a lot of 3D printers. 


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Meh... it was open dialog about anything and everything and spured discussions about government and it's ability to science.... the mechanics of ArmorLite tools among other things... 
and as we were limited to mostly non-internet access it was a good change in dynamics. Bent the brain muscle in a different direction for a minute.
We did steer away from polarizing issues... mostly I thought. 
I have no issue with discussing anything. I did learn several things and changed my bias on at least one object of discussion... applying facts and science to common day myths.
K.I.S.S. comes to mind. 
Definitely no formal or informal endorsement of any particular party even if we are all of like mind... 
There will be times that policies should be discussed as they address the world we live in.

I.e. global warming, ... spins into alternate energy which spins into energy storage which spins into power grid problems and solutions which is all maker appropriate to me.... 
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R.J. Petrillo:

> I disagree about the politics.


> I think we should keep it to a minimum, implemented in similar manner in

> which we are "safe search off" yanno? Not the sort of thing you want to

> advertise. In this charged climate we can turn off a lot of people one way

> or another depending on the issue, and we want to be inclusive.


> Additionally - there is a much bigger issue at hand here leading my thought

> process - As a charitable organization we need to follow explicit and

> strict rules regarding politics. We cannot, nor can we appear to, endorse,

> condone, or provide support for publicly any individual party or candidate.


> Even the firearm and 2A related organizations I'm part of refrain from any

> political discussions outside of directly related to the issue (firearms).

> No talk about borders, abortion, taxes, etc....



> Just my $0.02

Well, if I take what is said above and apply it to an Island Labs

meeting, then it seems to be "political discussion = interruption".

All I'm saying is that if we're going to talk politics then I'd like

there to be action to go with it, otherwise it's "just talk".  If we

don't talk politics, then I'm okay with that too.  However I'll also say

that I'm /not/ in favor of avoiding political discussion or action

"simply as a matter of policy" -- and the irony is that the idea of not

allowing political discussion is "to be inclusive".  Hmm.  :-/  That

argument doesn't smell right to me.

I'd understand these statements better if you had an objection about the

political discussion Wednesday night and had voiced it.  Is it that you

didn't think of it at the time?

   -- Chris


Chris Knadle

Chris.Knadle at coredump.us


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