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Tuesday LILUG.org will meet on CSHL's Woodbury campus at 8:00pm
Wednesday Island Labs will meet in Mineola at 8:00pm

We will either see what the conference room looks like with a new rug or we'll see what it looks like without a rug at all.
We'll install Kodi (the next-version or fork of XBMC "media center" software) on a raspberry pi.
(the meetup has some "content management" misinformation on it but I guess that's ok)

At the last meeting we got to see the first bit of motion out of the motor testing on James' new delta-robot.

We helped clean out the Radio room.
(got all the power supplies off of the floor and some big items out into the hallway)

and Rich took the generator to a safe place again in preparation for the rug replacement.

See you at the meetings.

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Subject: No thursday ARES meeting; Need to move generator + clean radio room

This Thursday's ARES meeting has been cancelled.

..and we need to get the generator out of the radio room.


If you can, please bring your van to transport the generator.


This Wednesday, we'll do what we can to clear things off the floor in the radio room to assist w/ the carpet change.

That's all for now.

See you at the meeting.


From: Burns, William
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Subject: Rug Replacement! Tuesday ARCECS; Wednesday Island Labs; Thursday Nassau ARES
I just got the heads-up on the Rug Replacement.
It will "start" on Monday.
I will head to Mineola "early" today and clean as much as I can out of there before today's ARCECS meeting.

Here's the meeting schedule for the week: (all meetings happen to be in Mineola at 8:00pm)
Tuesday ARCECS
Wednesday Island Labs
Thursday Nassau ARES.

If you'd like to show up + meet some disaster communications guys, today might be a good day. (at 8:00pm or a little earlier)
I will likely not be at the Thursday Nassau ARES meeting (because sailing season started) but that would be a good day to meet people too.

We'll be checking out James' new delta printer and see how well it works.
The delta design certainly looks cool with the 3 filament triskelion extruder head. (in a Retro SF kind of way)

At the last Island Labs meeting:
We helped/observed James assemble his 3D Delta Printer.
Jim assembled his new omni-wheel robot.
Jim talked about a similar robot that could balance on top of a ball.

An Island Labs Cruise? Kayak Trip?
..and possibly having a "leftovers" barbeque on July 17th, (one day after the LILUG picnic on Saturday July 16th)
Note: Ephraim would not be allowed to buy anything for either picnic.

At Sunday's Incorporation Meeting:

We had surprisingly good attendance, including:
Rich, Bill, Jeff, Ariella, Louisa, John + Ephraim

We mentioned that RJ got an EIN for Island Labs and was working on opening a bank account.
We had previously talked about Bethpage Credit Union but RJ also had other banks he wanted to check on.
No fees, and free checking seemed to be the thing that most people were concerned about.

Next topics:
Moving forward w/ the bylaws so we can apply for 501c3 status.
Finding a Benefactor/Space
(We did not talk about the bylaws or move the "Rubies Costumes" concept forward)

We did talk about:

Moving the Website to WordPress.
John: did you agree w/ that?

The possibility of running a "SCI-Con" event along w/ I-Con.
Note: I heard a rumor that I-Con was not able/allowed to run a full-blown I-Con at StonyBrook. 2 members suggested a Maker Faire type event as an alternative.

..and other "fundraising" opportunities such as teaching classes.
(w/ no conclusion on where those classes would be taught)

Classes in what:

Arduino / DIYDuino
HAM Radio. ("actual" use and/or test prep)
Foam "Weapon" construction. (docking Bay 516 might be a good group to talk to)

A topic for next week's meeting was mentioned:
Cody on Raspberry Pi.

and finally:
Moving the next incorporation meeting to Sunday July 10th. (to avoid the 4th of July weekend but I'm not sure we confirmed this)

How many people can give me a NAC to the TLDR on this email?


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