[islandlabs] Monday LIDMUG; Tuesday Windows Admin; Wednesday Surface Grooves

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Monday LIDMUG; Tuesday Windows Admin; Wednesday Surface Grooves

Monday, Digital Money enthusiats will meet us at the LIDMUG.org meeting on CSHL's main campus at 8:00pm
Tuesday, the Windows Admin group will meet in the same location, in CSHL's "hillside complex", room 3310.
Wednesday, Island Labs will be meeting *early*, from 5:30 to 9:30pm at Surface Grooves in Oyster Bay.

After our visit to Surface Grooves, those of us who are interested in the details of incorporation will join us in that same room on CSHL's main campus at 10:00pm.

Thursday: Nothing... SI-SIG met last week.

Next Week:
There's a mini maker faire (or something similar by a different name?) on Long Island on Saturday, November 7th.

(details to follow)

Here are directions to Surface Grooves:

Located near the (old) Oyster Bay Train Station. Take 106 north, turn left on Audrey Ave in town, then a right to stay on Audrey Ave at the Town Hall Building. The studio is at the end of the street on the right.

120 Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay, NY

 I'll see you guys there this Wednesday.

In the meantime:
Here's what's been going on at (and since) the last meeting:

Glowforge: We ordered one!
I wasn't trying to stong-arm Jim and James into pitching in towards the glowforge (really, I wasn't) but the pre-order period was about to expire so I switched to trying to get them to collaborate on buying/building a low end kit-built laser cutter.
..and all of a sudden we ordered a glowforge.
Now we'll get to see how many months it takes the Glowforge guys to ship 20 Million dollars worth of laser cutters.


Looked at a potential space on route 110. (north of the northern state)
It would cost $1100 for 506 square feet.


Jim and I both got code going that reads accelerometer data.
Unfortunately, I used an ADXL345 accelerometer and Jim used an MPU3050 so our code will be completely different.
I'm going to stick w/ the ADXL345 for now 'cause it's conveniently mounted on an arduino shield.
I believe Jim's MPU3050 is the superior part, so we'll see how our code develops and if an ADXL345 based Stickman can compete w/ it.


Is this an Easy-CNC on Steroids?
It uses some interesting bearing techniques.

Mike: (the "Guitar" Guy)

Determined that the battery on the circuit-board in his guitar was getting a charge when the Guitar was attached to USB power, even when the circuit was turned off.
This (apparently) is a good thing.

Rich: (the "Greenhouse" Guy)

I'm hoping Jeff remembers to bring his 1-wire temperature sensor code next week.
In the meantime, here are a few inspirational links:

Here's a DIY window opener but using an expensive linear actuator.

Fentec AXA Window Opener


Build your own Linear Actuator (threaded-rod style)

Magesh: (the "Mech Suit" Guy?)

Festo Pneumatic arms

Festo ExoHand

Festo Air Penguin

Festo SmartBird

ComiCon Pantograph Robot Suit. (inspired by Skeletonics)

Skeletonics at Tokyo Maker Faire 2013

Skeletonics Robot Suit

Skeltonics Exoskeleton Reverse Engineering

Skeletonics Hands and Load Bearing elements


I wasn't sure if I got all of what Mark was talking about but he seems to want to determine the speed of rotation of a motor by way of a photodiode and a light

Here's someone who did a simple version of this w/ a DVD player

Here's an animation of a photodiode style shaft encoder.
Good depiction ....but the encoder pattern is "wrong".

Using a shaft encoder to control an arduino
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