[islandlabs] Tuesday: Windows Admin; Wednesday: Holiday Party

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Mon Nov 23 14:38:00 EST 2015

On Tuesday, those interested will join us at the Windows Admin meeting in room 3310 at CSHL's main campus at 8:00pm.

On Wednesday, we'll meet for dinner at the Black Forest Brew Haus in Farmingdale.

  1) There are no "Mineola" meetings this week.
  2) If someone would like to arrange/pick a date for an "incorporation" meeting, please let me know. (Ariella, John + Louisa: This means you.)
  3) The LIDMUG meeting is *next* week.

Also on Tuesday:
I've never been to the "Long Island Maker Space" meetings in Plainview but (FYI) they're having a $50 course on how to use their laser cutter.

At the last meeting, Jim showed off his new "Rostock Mini" Delta 3D Printer.
It's based on this one here:
The original design used printed parts in place of the ball-joint of Jim's Rostock.
..Though a Rostock Mini "Pro" version used " Traxxas 5347 u-joints".

The rep-rap design is unusual in that it does use some laser-cut parts.
(most rep-rap designs only involve 3D printed plastic)
The controller (in the original design) is a " Sanguinololu"

I don't know if this is Jim's exact model, but here's my best guess as to where/what he ordered:
It certainly looks like what he's got.

And, Jim printed with it for the first time at the meeting.
(an owl)
A little issue w/ the entering the filament diameter into the controller caused the filament walls to not contact each other, which made the (flat) back of the owl seem very weak/squishy.
(it probably also reduced the build time a lot)

Jesse brought (and flew) his latest multicopter.
He also brought his "spy" radio to test on his oscilloscope
..but we didn't get the radio working for the lack of a 9-volt battery.

Did I miss anything from that summary?
If so, let me know.

See you guys at the dinner/party.


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