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If you join the developer network you can register multiple devices to run the apps you are creating.

I started writing one but ran out of time.

Let me know if you need any help.


Richard Siena
rich at richardsiena.com

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Subject was: "Tuesday LILUG; Wednesday Island Labs; Thursday Nassau ARES;
             Baby-3D Printer"

Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu> via List:
> Do any of us do iPhone apps?

Nobody I personally know locally is writing iOS apps.  Last I head heard iOS
/ iPhone won't let you side-load apps that you write yourself, which is
probably a good portion of why that is.  [Anybody know if that's possible?]

> Here's a software project I'd (self-interestedly) like to see someone
> work on: An audible race "sequence" clock app for a mobile phone. (maybe
> that exists already?) It would display a 5 minute count-down while making
> a metronome-like ticking sound at 1-second intervals, plus distinctive
> tones at the 10-second intervals within each minute, plus distinctive
> horn-blowing sounds at each minute. When it reached the "0" second mark,
> there would be some "start" sound and then the clock would start counting
> forward. (w/ no sounds)
> That's about it for now. See you at the meetings. (random links below)

Have a look for both "countdown clock" and "kitchen timer".

I have a "kitchen timer" on Android which does everything except the sounds
during the countdown.

 -- Chris

Chris Knadle
Chris.Knadle at coredump.us
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