[islandlabs] Wednesday meeting is on (That means tonight, the 28th)

Chris Knadle Chris.Knadle
Wed Jan 28 18:13:05 EST 2015

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 07:54:09PM +0000, Burns, William wrote:
> I'll see you guys tonight at 8:00pm for the regular Wednesday Island Labs meeting.
> FYI:
> My last message to the list was delayed by almost 8 hours.
> I'm sending this one at about 2:55pm.

Thanks for letting me know; the Island Labs mailing list has been a bit
difficult lately; my account was put on hold because of 'bounces' and the
list wouldn't let me re-activate due to Mailman having permissions problems
until today, so I wasn't sure there was a meeting until I checked the
website.  (I mainly go by the mailing list, though.)

> I'll BCC a few people.
> If you don't see this message (w/ an [IslandLabs] tag on the subjectline)
> in a timely fashion, please feel free to contact each-other to make sure
> we're all aware that the meeting is on.
> See you in Mineola.

I'll be trying to make it tonight... been too long since I've seen you guys.
I'll likely be brining "the red box" to work on (3-port firewall box,
headless with a serial console).


  -- Chris

Chris Knadle
Chris.Knadle at coredump.us

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