[islandlabs] Unboxing Videos + (and car maintenance adventures)

Burns, William burns
Thu Jan 15 19:34:22 EST 2015


You have a Bluetooth ODB-II reader?

Now I do too.

I have this one:

Actron U-Scan CP9599



Nicely documented on a one-page website?

I haven't turned it on yet, but I already have issues w/ the (surprise!) in-app up-sell strategy.

Oh. You want more features?

Then make in-app purchases that weren't advertized at the time of your in-store purchase.

Let's do a head-to-head comparison / unboxing video.

Other ones to compare it against: (for a quarter of the price or less, clone-out style?)






My car eventually and barely (at about 4:00am) made it home last night.

It was quite an adventure including a trip to the local police station (where they were very nice) and an extended stay in a citibank parking lot where I stole some of their electricity to recharge my 12V battery.

After those two extended layovers, my car made it (the last 4 traffic lights) into the driveway and then quit before I could get it into the garage.

I had to lift the hood and put the jumpstart kit on it to get it those last few feet.

The 12V battery was thoroughly destroyed.

I cannot recommend driving around (for a week and a half) with no functioning alternator. (or other equivalent system)

The 12V battery has been replaced and I am now the proud owner of a "Schumacher SC-1200A" Car Battery Charger, which could be the subject of another unboxing video.

I plan to charge the 12V battery every night 'till I figure out how to get the car to charge it's own battery.


Let me know what cameras, editing software or other stuff we'll need to make videos.

Tripod? backdrop / screen? Anything else?

Also needed: Good examples of other onboxing / teardown videos.


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