[islandlabs] mailing list is up. LILUG is Tuesday, IslandLabs is Wednesday, SI-SIG is Thursday

Burns, William burns
Mon Jan 12 20:06:36 EST 2015

Thanks to those who responded re: the mailing list being down.
When the list unclogged, a bunch of "[islandlabs]" messages came through.
Unfortunately, they all came through without reference to the date they were sent.
I'll try to remember to include the date in any future test messages so it'll be more obvious what's going on.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) LILUG.org will be meeting in their usual location.
(The Woodbury, NY campus of CSHL)

Wednesday we'll have the 2nd http://IslandLabs.org meeting of the year at 8:00pm in Mineola as usual.

Thursday the SI-SIG (security + infrastructure) group will meet at the Panera-bread on Rt110

I hear we might have a bunch of 1st-gen kinect devices at the next meeting.
Step 2 is to figure out what to do w/ them.
The links below might inspire a few ideas.

Oh, and the Tesla Science Center responded to last week's email.
Basically they said "Thanks for your input". I'm not sure if/what they'll do w/ it.

That's what's going on.


Scanning 3D objects w/ free software for the kinect.

rotating kinect video (zoom into picture + then turn left, ala BladeRunner?)

Using 2 kinects to view 1 object
Follow-up on Multiple Kinects (tech talk)
Oculus rift wearer inserted into virtual universe by a 3-kinect scanner (kinda' like entering the TRON/Matrix universe)

see what Johnny Lee (the man behind the kinect) can do with wii sensors

The CastAR does *augmented* reality (inserts virtual objects into the actual world, kinda' like escaping the TRON/Matrix universe)
Star Wars style 3D chess with the CastAR

Roomba plus netbook = telepresence

Johnny lee shows precursor concept to CastAR w/ video projectors.

Kinect and Wiimote: and Nanotech Construction Kit

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