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This week's schedule:

Today (Monday) at CSHL @ 8:00pm in room 3310: LIDMUG
Tomorrow (Tuesday) at CSHL @ 8:00pm in room 3310: Windows Admin Meeting
Wednesday in Mineola @ 8:00pm: Island Labs.
(We have nothing scheduled for Thursday)

Last week, we learned about the tragedy of Jim's Garage.
Let me know if anyone has ideas re: how we can get the garage back on its feet + maybe restocked?

Things we worked on included:
Jeff's 1-Wire temperature sensors

Rocco's monophonic keyboard.
(he has a paper version of it)
The next step will be to install the Arduino IDE (available at http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software)
..and read a value from the keyboard using the A2D feature.

Here's something Jim found that played some decent music on an Arduino.

Here's another Arduino synthesizer (w/ an 8-key keyboard)

Here's a review of some calculators. (in case Jesse is interested in using it for cloneout.com)
Unboxing Calculators on Numberphile

Here's what the pinouts of an Arduino uno look like:
uno pinout

Here's a way to read values from an arbitrarily large (musical?) keyboard using hardware shift registers.
Expand Digital Inputs with the 74HC165 + Test Code

Here's a way to make use of Atmel timers without using Arduino libraries.
Atmel timer interrupts

Here's a way to store midi data in a spreadsheet.

In other news:
There appears to be an Arduino-branded 3D printer.
It looks similar to the original makerbot "cupcake" but it's guts appear to be based on a reprap "mendel" design as opposed to the original reprap Darwin design.

I'm sure there were other things I meant to mention but I've forgotten so much over the weekend...
See you at the next meeting.


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This is a reminder that Lidmug meets tonight at 8pm at CSHL in Cold Spring Harbor.


See you there.

   -- Chris

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