[islandlabs] Cisco Study, Island Labs, Nassau ARES

Burns, William burns at cshl.edu
Mon Apr 20 18:13:05 EDT 2015

This week's meetings are:

Tuesday: Cisco Study Session at Cold Spring Harbor's main-campus location, Hillside Building, Rm 3310 @ 8:00pm.
Wednesday: Island Labs in Mineola @ 8:00pm.
Thursday: Nassau Ares in Mineola @ 8:00pm.

For the cisco study session:
We've almost got too many things to choose from:
A BGP design session.
A GNS3 lab.
And, I've got a Fortinet firewall in need of initial setup.

At Island Labs:
It seems we're on the verge of making headway on a variety of projects.
Jim showed off the new hardware for StickMan, which will require a software re-write.
We're about to do some Arduino audio stuff.
Jeff is still looking to read some temperature data. (if his 1-wire sensors aren't all fried)
Ariella wants to start on her binary clock.
I'm not sure If Rocco will have nichrome (or other) wire for his AtoD continuous-tone keyboard but if not, Jeff should be able to whip up a several-resistor keyboard to test with.

I propose that we kickoff the Island Labs meeting by getting as many people started in the Arduino IDE + getting some software working w/ our hardware.

See you guys there.

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