[islandlabs] Just Some Questions

Alex Jayson banjaxecosol
Fri Oct 17 02:20:17 EDT 2014

Hello IslandLabs !

    My name is Rad, I'm a 20 year old college student currently studying at
Stony Brook University. I was looking into some organizations to join that
shared my interests and I stumbled on you guys. I was wondering, what kind
of topics are most commonly discussed and worked on in your space? I mostly
dealt with lockpicking in the past and I'm picking up impressioning. I also
wanted to expand my horizons a bit so I started picking up programming
recently, I'm learning Python right now (still very much a beginner). I
know you have a meeting the 29th, but how often per month do you usually
meet and on what days? Also, are all of your meetings in Mineola? As a
non-member, when would it be the best time for me to drop by and meet you
guys ? I'm open to new ideas and I'm very eager to learn as well as share
anything that I know.

Thank you,
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