[islandlabs] Island Labs in Mineola Double-Header

Joe toolfox
Thu Jun 5 19:15:08 EDT 2014

On 06/03/2014 05:17 PM, Burns, William wrote:
> Joe + Amy:
> Do you guys have the tinytracker or do I?
> If you've got it... can we borrow that for the packet presentation?
> ..and, of course we'd be happy to have you alongside us on Tuesday.
> (or at any time for that matter)
Update: Dug out the old, wheezy Inspiron 8000. Batteries charged up. 
Starts. Has soundmodem and Xastir software. All seems to be working. 
Also dug out the RadioShack scanner. Batteries good. Seems to work. 
Non-squelched static picked up by soundmodem diagnostic routines.

If you can find the payload and at least get the radio charged and 
batteries for the tracker, we can do a quick check when I arrive at CSHL 
Woodbury next week.


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