[islandlabs] QuadCopter Pictures Anyone? (islandlabs.org is still down)

Jeffrey Garruba list
Fri May 31 12:50:01 EDT 2013

We have a photo up on facebook but not a good one. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Island-Labs

I have a few photos of it with very close to the ground that i didn't post but can if your interested.

As for the web site me an john fixed the DNS issue @ 8pm yesterday. The new reg was supposed to copy the  records and switch the DNS servers but they didn't.  if you are still having issues make sure you do an ipconfig /flushdns (or equivalent linux command) on your PC also you may need to flush the cache in your upsteam DNS if you have access.

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On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 7:34 PM, Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu<mailto:burns at cshl.edu>> wrote:

Night flying doesn?t make for good photo ops.
Didn?t get any flying time yesterday either.

Hopefully next week we?ll get started early w/ the flying.
Unless we try to attach those pesky landing gear first.

Landing w/ no landing gear has been very bad for the longevity of our props.
(tending to lose one or more for every day of flight)

yeah landing gear, pretty important :D

If anyone has good pictures of our quadcopter, please post links to the list.

Also? We?re flying w/ a commercial flight controller which seems much cheaper than building (and coding) our own.

Which model are you using, there are some cheap barebones boards like http://store.3drobotics.com/products/apm-1-arduino-compatible-uav-controller-w-atmega2560-kit but then you need lots of addons (for sensors, power distribution)  and yes, more time.

So we don?t have much code to show, and possibly nothing that would actually survive to a working flight controller.
So-far the arduino code has been reading nunchuck data + trying to send the right values to prop speed controllers to keep the quadcopter oriented in the same way as the nunchuck.
It?s very hard to see if things are working that way ?cause the copter remains on the ground.

We need to get/use (better) code to read RC data instead of using the (tethered) nunchuck.

you have RCs to use?

Reading accelerometer data has been slow.
We need a different accelerometer and/or code tweakage to get that working better.

pass along the schematic/code for that, I'd like to take a look

Apparently having/using solid-state gyros is very important + we?re not doing that.

sounds like you are learning a lot

I?m not sure we really understand the whole PID thing yet. (and how it relates/tunes w/ quadcopters)

and learning some more!

I?m sure there?s much more to discover.


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