[islandlabs] Quad-copter Landing Gear

Burns, William burns
Thu May 30 01:00:50 EDT 2013


There's a little play between a coat-hanger, U-channel and screw. Not enough to be able to easily wrap the coat-hanger around a screw.
(I don't have pliers today)

Getting the coat-hanger "landing gear" to stay pointing down seems tricky.
I was thinking about bending-down the top/hook of 4 coat-hangers, running the top through the U-channel alongside the screws, and zip-tie-ing the ends of them together in the center of the quad-copter.
That way the coat-hangers should support each-other and keep them from flopping over.

I'm not sure if that's clear, but the big problem w/ that plan is that the battery is in the center of the quad-copter where the coat-hangers would have to meet.

At the moment, I've got the copter sitting on 2 of the old landing gear from the crash-kit and 2 coat-hangers. 
The coat-hangers still look very much like coat-hangers, but sort-ok.


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That's funny because that was my choice of material also.

I was thinking to double the length and wrap it around the screws that
are holding the motor mounts to the u channel.  Is the wire thin enough
to be routed that way?  Then the ends could be splayed and bent down to
serve both as landing gear and protection for the props.

On 5/29/2013 10:25 PM, Burns, William wrote:
> 6 people today. Big turnout.
> ...
> I have a few wire coat-hangers and have been staring at them and wondering how to attach them.
> They seem like they might work as landing gear.
> I had hoped to use them to shield the props, but they don't seem good for that.
> Let me know what your ideas are.
> -Bill
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> Hey Bill,
> Yes, I'll be there.  I had planned to arrive a bit late tonight after my daughter's sports banquet, but we're just leaving now.
> I've been kicking around some landing gear ideas.  Perhaps I'll draw them up and you can tell me what you think.
> - Jim

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