[islandlabs] rtl_tcp might work with the Pi as a remote SDR sensor.

Burns, William burns
Thu Aug 15 18:13:39 EDT 2013

At the bottom of this link:
There's a mention of rtl_tcp:

The Osmocom RTLSDR utilities include the program rtl_tcp. This allows you to run the dongle on one PC (be it Windows or Linux) or an embedded ARM/MIPS board and pump the ADC data over a TCP connection to another computer running a compatible client such as SDR#. In SDR# use the frontend called RTLSDR / TCP and configure the host IP address that the rtl_tcp server is running on. The localhost address works too if the dongle is on the same machine as SDR# and for some reason you don't want to use RTLSDR / USB.

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