[islandlabs] Flight control board

Burns, William burns
Mon Apr 22 14:21:31 EDT 2013


I have 4-40 screws, and locknuts to go with them.

I also have zip-ties that I think would fit through the mounting holes in a pinch.

FYI: The "RC" battery has an "advertized" voltage of 11.1 volts.

It charged to 12.6 the first time. (max LiPo cell voltage of 4.2V times three cells)

After being used once it's only charging to about 11.5V

Maybe this is normal after a single use.

Maybe the battery was damaged by exceeding the max (80A) discharge current.

Maybe the charger is working differently. (seems to spend more time "balancing")


Do you have the accelerometer?

Interfacing to the accelerometer is the other "big" thing.


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I picked up an additional ESC and motor from Microcenter so I can get some testing in before we meet again on Wednesday.

After some experimenting, I can see how we managed to get the calibration of the first motor out of whack compared to the other three.  At the very least, I expect to have a method for easily programming all four motors to the same settings with a proper operational range for use with our current control setup.

I see there's a method to reprogram the esc firmware.  That may be an option we can look to explore in the future also.

- Jim

On 4/19/2013 4:48 PM, Jim Marinis wrote:
As we currently stand:

- I've ordered the kk controller and an esc programming card.  I'm also looking into programming the esc's via arduino.
- Once we get a full compliment of screws for mounting the motors, we can see if we need to reduce the vibration of the motors further.
- Until the kk controller arrives (21-30 dayes, eh?) we can continue to investigate using individual gyro and accelerometer devices for leveling and such.

Anything else that we should be looking into before Wednesday?

- Jim

On 4/19/2013 10:33 AM, John Abella wrote:
If you're building a quad / hex / tri / etc...  the KK board is good.

The 'auto level' isn't as good as my NAZA flight controller....but it cost $200 less.  It definitely works though.

I can share my parts list for my clone quad / fake DJI F450 build if anyone wants it.


On Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 10:23 AM, Burns, William <burns at cshl.edu<mailto:burns at cshl.edu>> wrote:
These guys have some ESC calibration info, and a design thats remarkably similar to our own.


Here's some better calibration info:


Here's an interesting site that makes it seem like the parts we're getting locally are reasonably priced.


note: we are using 10-amp "outrunner 1000Kv" motors:


with 30-amp "GemFan" ESCs.


which can be programmed with a Turnigy ESC programmer:


'till I saw that "kk" board I thought these were "the" two choices for IMUs:

MPU6050 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11028 ($40)

ArduIMU+ V3 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11055 ($80)

The "kk" is more than an IMU. It's a complete solution for $30.

This may "deny" us the opportunity to program it from scratch or to add drone features if they're not already there.

note: the ArduIMU+ takes GPS input which is interesting but it's not clear to me that the GPS unit *should* connect to the IMU.

If what we want is a "fleet" of RC-only quadcopters, the "kk" is clearly the low-cost option.

The arduino may give us a better learning platform and stepping stone to things like: automatic "return to launch site", transition to lifting-body flight, etc.

It wouldn't hurt to try stuff w/ the "kk" in parallel w/ the existing arduino based solution.


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We used that exact board just recently on our clonequad build:


You'll need the AVR cable to re-flash the firmware (and the stuff that ships on it is OLD) but it works well.   Not like a $200 flight controller, but not bad either.  Not sure what you guys intend to use it for...

Also a note for anyone not familiar with Hobbyking - if it's not in the US warehouse you should expect it to take 21-30 days for delivery.


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 12:45 PM, Jim Marinis <jmarinis at mjmonline.com<mailto:jmarinis at mjmonline.com><mailto:jmarinis at mjmonline.com<mailto:jmarinis at mjmonline.com>>> wrote:
After the information Bill came across last night regarding gyros and accelerometers, perhaps the answer is this board with both:



- Jim
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