[islandlabs] Flight control board

Burns, William burns
Fri Apr 19 10:23:17 EDT 2013

These guys have some ESC calibration info, and a design thats remarkably similar to our own.


Here's some better calibration info:


Here's an interesting site that makes it seem like the parts we're getting locally are reasonably priced.


note: we are using 10-amp "outrunner 1000Kv" motors:


with 30-amp "GemFan" ESCs.


which can be programmed with a Turnigy ESC programmer:


'till I saw that "kk" board I thought these were "the" two choices for IMUs:

MPU6050 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11028 ($40)

ArduIMU+ V3 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11055 ($80)

The "kk" is more than an IMU. It's a complete solution for $30.

This may "deny" us the opportunity to program it from scratch or to add drone features if they're not already there.

note: the ArduIMU+ takes GPS input which is interesting but it's not clear to me that the GPS unit *should* connect to the IMU.

If what we want is a "fleet" of RC-only quadcopters, the "kk" is clearly the low-cost option.

The arduino may give us a better learning platform and stepping stone to things like: automatic "return to launch site", transition to lifting-body flight, etc.

It wouldn't hurt to try stuff w/ the "kk" in parallel w/ the existing arduino based solution.


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We used that exact board just recently on our clonequad build:


You'll need the AVR cable to re-flash the firmware (and the stuff that ships on it is OLD) but it works well.   Not like a $200 flight controller, but not bad either.  Not sure what you guys intend to use it for...

Also a note for anyone not familiar with Hobbyking - if it's not in the US warehouse you should expect it to take 21-30 days for delivery.


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 12:45 PM, Jim Marinis <jmarinis at mjmonline.com<mailto:jmarinis at mjmonline.com>> wrote:
After the information Bill came across last night regarding gyros and accelerometers, perhaps the answer is this board with both:



- Jim
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