[islandlabs] 3D Printing

Hamilton Fredericks hamiltonfredericks
Wed Nov 21 06:34:59 EST 2012

To whom or all,   My partner and I are attempting to align ourselves with
hacker spaces who are currently utilizing or interested in getting involved
with 3D printing. The sch-tick  catch, and angle is that we produce
PLA filament for purchase. that being said I noticed you are located in
Farmingdale we ourselves are always working on something and are fairly
local to your space. First I must shamelessly insert a sales pitch to
attempt to persuade any hackers in your group who 3D print or may be
interested in the concept to at least inquire about our product, secondly
and more importantly may I request some information as to what projects
yall work on and any other information about your space that you feel
comfortable divulging to hackers interested in getting dirty on some
projects.  I truly hate to solicit but eagerly await any information and
comments, even if it is merely to inform us to hack off,   be well and
build on!

Thank you
           Hamilton Fredericks and the OSP team
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