[islandlabs] HRU, LILUG and Island Labs

Matthew Newhall mnewhall
Mon Dec 17 15:16:02 EST 2012

Hey Bill

        Thanks for keeping on top of me.  Sorry if I stressed anyone 
out.   Glad you could help put out some fires!  No table for me, but 
I'll come to do the talk.


On 12/17/2012 01:21 PM, Burns, William wrote:
> 1055 Stewart Ave
> Bethpage, NY 11714
> Hopefully that means that Matt is on-board, and has time for this.
> Let's see who else responds re: being willing/able to man a LILUG table.
> I think Joe and Amy are often interested in the HRU events, so I'm not sure how much time they'll be able to spend at a table.
> Sorry about bugging-out early at the last LILUG meeting.
> Lori and I got a Red Cross call.
> Things that are literally on fire get top priority.
> I asked Steve (at the front desk) to keep an eye on things.
> Hoepfully that went well.
> And my apologies to John for missing Island Labs.
> Too much going on. It slipped my mind entirely.
> Are you going to be there for Island Labs this week?
> I still have Christmas stuff to deal with, but I'll try to make it.
> -Bill

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