[islandlabs] New meetup member

Burns, William burns
Tue Nov 1 22:30:07 EDT 2011


There's a new meetup member who's a HAM.

Can you post a meetup entry for tomorrow's meeting?

Hopefully that way he notices that we're studying for "general" licenses.
(either by reading this list, or seeing a meetup entry)


..and.. John said he noticed the morse-filter code.
Did anyone run it?

What's the next step on the $5 radio concept?
Start calculating air-core windings?
Are we building tin-foil capacitors too? (or going with double-sided PCB?)
rolled paper + tin-foil might be easier to experiment with.

Do we need a method for measuring the inductor and capacitor?
Or... Is there a way to measure the results of the combination in a circuit without creating excessive RF noise?


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