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Subject: Reminder Art in odd Places and Nuit Blanche
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Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010, 9:22 AM

Hey everyone,
Just a reminder that the premiere of Hydrophony is tomorrow Friday from noon - 1pm! Tom and I will be on Pier 54 with a mic in the water broadcasting live online so stop by or tune in! We will be broadcasting live Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week and next (through Oct. 10).
The piece is part of Art in Odd Places a huge festival of performance and art all over 14th st. If you are in the neighborhood Friday night stop by the opening to say hi 7-9pm at Theaterlab.

Also, Saturday night starting at 7pm Future Archaeology has a new (and improved) installation of Chrysalis as part of New York's first ever Nuit Blanche event! The installation will be up until midnight when the party moves indoors. Come by and check it out, there are 50 artists participating! We are at the corner of Franklin and Oak streets in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Finally, Art Fag City has a kickstarter campaign to fund their new Sound of Art album which I am on along with lots of wonderful sound artists. You can pre-order the record through kickstarter for only $20 - highly recommended as they are only printing 500 copies! All the records will be hand screen printed and come with an MP3 version as well.

See you around town,

Heather Dewey-Hagborg


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