[islandlabs] Lecture: "Where Future Robots Should Go and Should Not Go?" (9/3/2010, 2 PM)

Chris Williams cawilliams001
Fri Sep 3 04:48:34 EDT 2010


I'm sorry about the short notice.? I thought that some people would be interested in the lecture.

Peace, Chris
The Department of Mechanical Engineering/College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Stony Brook University
Mechanical Engineering Seminar

Makoto Kaneko
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Osaka University

Lecture Title: Where Future Robots Should Go and Should Not Go?

Friday, September 3, 2PM, Room 173 Light Engineering

"Where future robots should go and should not go?" and "what is an adequate style of collaboration between human and robots?" These questions are really interesting for discussing the future direction of robot, especially from the design point of view. While it is really hard to find a general answer for these questions, we try to provide our answers, particularly focusing on manipulation area, by reviewing our former works and exploring a success example of robot business.

For more info, check: http://me.eng.sunysb.edu/images/stories/seminars/Kaneko_Seminar_9-3-10.pdf

Check http://me.eng.sunysb.edu for any changes to location or time.

Refreshments will be provided

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