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Hello, all,
Thank you everyone for coming out to "Computer Engineering in 15 Minutes" event.? We built robots to play music, everything in 15 minutes! ?We had humans playing music alongside with robots. ?We had rocking robotic music! ?Keep an eye out for future events of this kind! ?Special thanks?Roger Palomeque, Secretary CES, for bringing his instruments.

On Thursday, October 28th, 2010 we will be inviting two engineers from Motorola to talk about Computer Engineering.? The event will take place at Light Engineering Room?250 starting at 6:30pm.??

Computer Engineering Society presents...Computer Engineering at Motorola?
Time: ?6:00pmDate:?Thursday, October 28th, 2010Place: ?Light Engineering Room 250

Food will be served.
Many people may associate the name Motorola with cell phones and Bluetooth headsets. ?Although this can be considered as a valid association to the brand name, Motorola does much more. ?Motorola also produces enterprise solutions such as two-way radios (walkie-talkies), barcode scanners,?mobile computers, and (but not limited to) cellular networks. While working with the enterprise solution?team at Motorola, we strive to provide quality products to our customers. Some of the many tools used by enterprises are barcode scanners by retails stores and stock rooms, two-way radios by law?enforcement and safety personnel, and mobile computers by enterprise workers. All of these tools are?created by Motorola; two of which are created in Holtsville, NY.

This presentation is tailored for students who want to gain an insight of the working?environment. We will be discussing the history of Motorola at Holtsville NY, workflow environment,?overview of a barcode scanner, and the features of our scanners. Towards the end of the presentation,?the floor is open to the audience/students for questions and answers.

Victor GuerridoVictor began his career at Symbol Technologies (present day Motorola) in 1991 as a Systems?support Engineer. In 1996, he switched gears and headed towards customer support engineering for a
total of three years. From there, he progressed as a software validation engineer, performing the various?strenuous tests which are designed to provide the customer with the greatest satisfaction with ourproducts. In 2006, Victor became a senior software engineer for ADC (Advance Data Capture) at?Motorola. His vast experience in this company has proven to be an invaluable resource for those
currently joining the Motorola scene. Due to his diverse experience in the company, he is well known?and accepted in his fields. His overwhelming interest in robotics has energized his passion for electronics
and mechanics. He is the current owner of vobotics.com where, a diligent hobbyist demonstrates the?true capabilities of his robots. He has also written an iPhone application for children to aid them in
developing their sound associations.
Frank WuFrank holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Stony Brook University. He recently graduated?from Stony Brook and began his career at Motorola, Holtsville, New York. While at Stony Brook, Frank
was an undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Embedded Microprocessor System design series as well?as Digital Design using VHDL & PLDs. At Motorola, Frank is part of the Advance Data Capture (ADC) group?where the software for handheld scanners is implemented and maintained. His functional area is in the?Keyboard Wedge Host interface, one of the many interfaces available on these handheld scanners. His?main job function includes troubleshooting errors, re-designing software around different platforms?(porting code), and exercising various scanners (through testing).?


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Computer Engineering Society?
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